Contact Info

P 757.226.0010

F 757.222.1276

Value to Clients

The Adviser:

  • Offers a superior servicing alternative for trust clients.
  • Seeks to serve a manageable base of clients (with at least $1 Million in assets to invest) and thereby deliver a far more satisfying service experience than what clients may have previously experienced with other providers attempting to maintain and serve large account loads.
  • Is capable of delivering customized investment portfolios for client situations of wide-ranging complexity.
  • Provides fee-only advice with no inherent bias or conflicts of interest from commissions, loads, trailer fees, referral fees, etc.
  • Has expertise in an assortment of investment risk management techniques and assesses each portfolio with the goal of reducing unnecessary risk.
  • Actively coordinates, as Client prefers, with other related wealth advisers in order to help achieve cohesiveness in overall Wealth Management approach.
  • Has the autonomy to respond to changing market conditions.
  • Maintains a dynamic “open architecture” investment platform and can readily adopt use of innovative solutions for accounts as appropriate.