Growth-Biased Portfolios

Adviser believes:

  • A diverse portfolio of investments designed for a variety of market conditions, including possible catastrophic events, can help to lower the risk for investors of not realizing a satisfactory long-term return.
  • Avoidance, if possible, of a pronounced investment loss from an attained peak value
    (a “drawdown”) is important in order to lower the chances of an inferior long-term return.
  • “Buy and hold” strategies based on selection of single securities from a relatively small number of “blue chip” companies have disappointed investors because many such companies have poorly managed their debt levels, executive compensation incentives, and long-range strategic planning.
  • Many “long-only” stock portfolios, which depend heavily on rising general stock markets, have struggled to deliver the long-term return results that many investors expect and need.
  • "Alternative" mutual funds have developed as attractive surrogates for private placement hedge funds and generally offer advantages of transparent daily pricing, next-day redemption and no need for extended tax return filings.
  • Because of investment product innovation, investors of all sizes can benefit from investment solutions designed for possible success amidst a broad array of market conditions – not just a rising stock market.
  • A dynamic “open architecture” investment platform is increasingly necessary in order to incorporate the growing array of innovative solutions.